Sunday, February 19, 2012

Spanish Homework

Finished my first Spanish homework online.... Now ready to start my long weekend , or what's left of it.... I have to post some pictures that i have been taking over Christmas and on. I have been very busy with the move. When we were living in the apartment, I thought buying a house, furniture and decorating would be a fun process with a little stress. However, I  found that it was more than we both could handle. After cancelling the second dining room set, (1st was damaged, 2nd was to be delivered mid-march) we are looking at less costly options , hopefully these will help us get our furniture on time and making our house look more homey.
As I'm sitting on my living room couch , I am making a mental list of things to get for this room.I can't decide whether to get a mirror or a picture above the fireplace ???