Friday, November 2, 2012


Today , I am going to a book signing . One of my favorite food bloggers Smitten Kitchen is here in Los  Angeles, at William Sonoma. She will demo a recipe and sign her first book. I made several of her recipes from the blog and they are delicious. 

Since I am in the westside , I'm stopping by West Elm to pick up my new table for my kitchen. So excited !
Before all these activities I have to go to my optometrist for an eye exam ... Wish me luck !!
I am so glad it's almost Fall in Los Angeles... Let the decorating, baking cookies and drinking apple cider or hot toddy begin !!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

How to kill a succulent

As the holiday season approaches, I thought why not incorporate plants with the decor.  Since ,  I have not been able to keep any plants alive from bamboo to orchids, I thought succulents are the best way to go. I purchased the succulents from Lowe's and bought glass containers and assembled the whole thing . I think they look really nice , but one of them became a victim to my overwatering tendencies. 
Obviously , havent watered them since, now waiting to see if it will revive.  On the weather front , it's raining.
I'm watching the rain as I sip my cardamom tea.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Italian Class

I love anything and everything about France and French. My dream is to live there someday whether in Paris or South of France. I took the language classes ,read all the travel related  books and drank all the wine. I still can't get enough of that country. So imagine my surprise , when I took an Italian language class and loved it.  Yes , more than French. I love the Italian accent, the words, my professor... I visited Italy in August 2007. Although it was very hot and crowded, I didn't realize how much I liked there until this class. When we're learning the words gelati, biscotti, panini, I miss Italy. Hope to return there soon !!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Spanish Homework

Finished my first Spanish homework online.... Now ready to start my long weekend , or what's left of it.... I have to post some pictures that i have been taking over Christmas and on. I have been very busy with the move. When we were living in the apartment, I thought buying a house, furniture and decorating would be a fun process with a little stress. However, I  found that it was more than we both could handle. After cancelling the second dining room set, (1st was damaged, 2nd was to be delivered mid-march) we are looking at less costly options , hopefully these will help us get our furniture on time and making our house look more homey.
As I'm sitting on my living room couch , I am making a mental list of things to get for this room.I can't decide whether to get a mirror or a picture above the fireplace ???

Saturday, November 12, 2011

It's cold and rainy outside. I have been home all day, watching TV , drinking vanilla tea , now bluberry green tea..... This is called Avoidance !!!! Need to go out and get things done ... Yesterday I had breakfast at a hollywood hot spot BLD  .  I wasn't impressed with it.. I think it was mostly due to the service and hostess , long story, but their pain de mie  and coffee is so good.I had the Spanish omelet and my brother had the Wild mushroom omelet . Food was good but not worth to drive 30 minutes to get there. My chorizo looked like salami. I thought chorizo was supposed to be chunks since it's a sausage, this was thin slices with lots of red peppers. However, I still enjoyed myself . Bunch of people were having bloody mary's ... So , I want to give BLD another shot at lunch or dinner and try their spicy blood mary !!
Breakfast and beverage menus

Friday, November 11, 2011

return of me

I have been meaning to rearrange my blog for a while now. Today seems to be the day. So many changes took place, and I will share them as time comes. Another day off and it's Friday !! I started the day with green tea and honey and looking forward to having breakfast later at favorite spot in Pasadena.

Monday, March 28, 2011

My Weekend

Friday night had cappuccinos after dinner I love the creamy designs.